Top Advantages of Using Microsoft Cloud Solution Services

Many technology experts claim that the upcoming years could bring some unforgettable changes in the computing industry, leaving the users amazed and surprised for ages. One of the most impressive and talked about matter of today’s computing world is ‘Cloud.’ Most of the organizations, business owners, private players, and other such professionals are making a switch from their traditional, company-hosted servers to cloud solutions in lieu of making their data more safe and secured. If you desired to know why, then read the following points to know more about the benefits you get while making a shift to Microsoft cloud solution services:

1. It has Familiarity of Windows

Since Microsoft’s cloud – Azure is based on Windows; users can get familiar with the new solution with great ease and can write, edit, and make modifications in the applications without experiencing any difficulty. The cloud solutions use the same programming languages you’ve used for Windows apps and other popular familiar Windows technologies.

2. 64-bit Windows VMs

It is important to consider that users can easily run applications in Azure as well in virtual machines as the company’s cloud services use 64-bit Windows Server 2008 operating system. You may get surprised to know that the hypervisor on which most of the Microsoft applications run are specifically designed and developed for the cloud.

3. Great Scalability and Flexibility

Using Microsoft cloud solution services users can easily create applications without using any additional coding or programming language excellence. Azure’s Storage provides scalable, secure, performance-efficient platform for maintaining a huge database of valuable files, folders, applications, and other such stuff.


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