What All Products You Can Avail as a Part of Microsoft Cloud Computing Service?

Azure, Microsoft cloud computing platform, is one of the most reliable and convenient cloud computing options that is made available to various industries and business firms for hosting their software, programs, applications, and other folders. The service is specially designed to add optimal safety, security, and privacy to your data, details, information, and applications that possesses greater threat of getting compromised due to cyber-attacks and hacks. Business owners and entrepreneurs are making a shift from traditional data centres to cloud platform. Read below to know about various products that you can avail:

Various Products on Microsoft Cloud Computing Platform

1. Virtual Machines

The product enables you to get, access, and use a provision Windows and Linux virtual machines in a few minutes to complete your routine computing and web browsing tasks with ease.

2. App Service

Using this service, you can easily create, edit, modify, and share web and mobile apps for any platform and any device.

3. Storage

The most prime and data-secured feature of Microsoft cloud computing platform is its Storage section. The entire section is lined with various security parameters to ensure optimal security of scalable cloud storage folders.

4. Cloud Services

The cloud computing platform from Microsoft is widely known as one of the most secured and protected data hosting platforms in the entire world. You can easily store all your infinitely scalable cloud applications and APIs, without having threat of getting them hacked or compromised.


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