AWS Brings Down the Start Up Cost Considerably

Amazon web services can be beneficial for anyone who is starting his new online business, selling a product or especially, a service. As a cloud computing facilitator, we have extensively used their services and we can strongly recommend the AWS cloud computing to everyone. For the newcomer, AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. Amazon web services was started in 2002, exploiting the existing infrastructure they had as the largest e-tailer on the internet. AWS provides a few many services but now people know them as cloud provider.

More than 20 web services are offered by AWS but the most popular services are Simple Storage Service (S3) and Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2).

S3 is perhaps the easiest of all services under AWS which the webmasters can take advantage of. S3 is basically an online storage system and it offers infinite scaling as well as amazing data redundancy. Amazon S3 assures the users with up to 99.999999999% retention and 99.99% up-time on every data you upload on S3.

For large online services and websites, especially where massive amount of data is stored and transferred, the cost effectiveness of Amazon S3 is very high. In the cases where other services fail to deliver, this is the ideal big data solution for the website owners.

If any company is planning to come up with a heavy data dependent online service such as streaming video or file storing and sharing network, Amazon S3 offers benefits and performance without the initial set up cost.