Microsoft Cloud Computing Making Mobile Office A Reality

Microsoft is a giant in the software industry and they are using whole of their strength and might to gain a foothold in the cloud computing market, which they have entered recently. They have released Office 365, the online version of the popular Microsoft Office suit, a few years back and they are showing a healthy performance report while taking on the likes of Google, which is a formidable opponent if nothing more. Windows Azure is another popular cloud service from Microsoft and this name is chosen to instill clarity, cleanliness and vastness of the blue sky which are the qualities that Microsoft claims to be found on their cloud computing suite.

Azure and Microsoft cloud computing platform targeting the start-ups and the small businesses so they don’t need to invest heavily on the installation of costly IT equipment on their premises. As the cost of installing, maintaining and inevitable upgrading of those equipment are eliminated, the small businesses have no problem in accepting this new technology. Licensing fees are another thing which the businesses want to avoid, especially during their early days. As the cloud computing platform is delivered using the “pay as you go” model, there is no need to pay for huge licensing fees upfront. Finally, Microsoft also allows you to store data on the cloud and run applications from the remote server as well. It means, whenever you have internet connection, even if you are not at work, you can access your complete set of programs and files.


A Few Unknown Features of Microsoft Cloud Computing Platform – Azure

Microsoft’s cloud computing platform – Azure is one of the most popular and widely used cloud hosting service that is utilized by most of the businesses and corporate firms. But many of these users aren’t aware of the services that the platform offers to make their business activities streamlined and organized in one go. If you also desire to know more about the unknown features and services of Azure, then read the sections below:

1. Azure Files

Microsoft’s cloud computing platform allows you to create a new storage account that comes with options for regional or geo-redundant replication. The files are created using PowerShell scripts or .Net codes that are accessible by entering a long storage key generated by Azure.

2. Azure Site Recovery

It is one of the most surprising and useful features of Azure as it allow the platform to perform site-to-site replication and recovery in event of disaster. In case, if a website fails or lags, your customers will never experience a downtime as the platform will run the third-site manage recovery instantly after an issue gets reported.

3. Azure ExpressRoute

Azure ExpressRoute helps businesses to connect their data center with Azure via a private link to ensure complete privacy and security of the details stored on the server. Microsoft cloud computing platform has a few security layers and options that can help you enjoy higher security, lower latency, and higher reliability.

Visiting Azure’s official website and getting in touch with Microsoft can help you know more about all the above-listed services.

Why You Must Use Microsoft Office 365 for Unmatched Productivity?

Undoubtedly, Microsoft’s MS Office suite offers unmatched productivity when it comes with creating detailed and descriptive documents, making attractive and explanatory presentations, and recording data in and organized and streamlined manner. Over ages, no other productivity suites has matched the standards which the MS Office application has made and to prove its excellence in delivering faster paced and technologically advanced applications the company has come with enhanced Microsoft Office 365 features.

Using the Microsoft Office 365 UK edition helps you to present your findings, make detailed reports, and create impressive presentations with ease. The application operates on the subscription based format and lets you access all the essential components of the MS Office productivity suite by just going online and accessing your Microsoft Office 365 account.

What are the Benefits of Using This Subscription-Based Application?

The latest subscription to the tool enables you to access the all-new 2016 versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and others that you can directly download and use on your favorite devices. One of the best things about availing the subscription of this amazing productivity suite is that it comes with offline mode to help you stay productive even if you’re not online.

Why You Must Use Microsoft Office 365 for Unmatched Productivity?

1. Offers Amazing Coordination with the Tools You Know

Office 365 works seamlessly with various applications including Outlook, Excel, Publisher, Word, OneNote, and PowerPoint to access, change, modify, edit, and delete the inclusions of these files in both online and offline modes.

2. Offers Anytime, Anywhere Access

One of the biggest advantages of using Microsoft Office 365 UK edition is that it offers web-enabled access to your emails, important or saved documents, entire contact list saved in Outlook format, and your to-do calendar. The platform is accessible using PCs, Macs, iPhones, Android devices, and others to help you stay connected to your friends, family, business, and others all the time.

3. Ensures Safe and Protected Communication Medium

The platform complete understands the important of being safe, secured, and confidential at time. The Microsoft Office 365 UK allows you to collaborate inside and outside your organization by using a password-protected portal that features the capability of sharing large and hard-to-email files. You can also send personalized invitations to colleagues and customers for getting them into online meetings and discussions.

All in all, the platform is one of the emerging options to help you perform almost all the tasks related to calendaring, online meetings, contacts, instant messaging, document accessing, and file sharing with ease.