Microsoft’s Azure Cloud is Ideal for Small Businesses

Microsoft is continuously exploring newer ways of implanting software in the daily operations of a business for quite some time now and they have introduced Azure cloud computing software way back in 2008. In these 8 years, this platform has become the perfect choice for multiple businesses. Azure has gone through a few changes and now offers advanced cloud computing environment for the users.

Azure uses virtualisation to its advantage and handles the key factor of load distribution by distributing loads among all the available data centres in real time. In short, all the data centres work as the server and the backup server for every application. The emphasis is on instant availability of data and software and the highest level of online security. Windows Azure is not an operating system. It is only a platform which broadcasts services from the cloud.

The development services mode is the greatest strength of Azure cloud computing services. The programmers use .net, including Visual Basic .net very efficiently to create services. However, other development tools are programming languages are well supported by Azure, including PHP and Eclipse. Understandably, Microsoft is trying to involve everyone in using cloud technology.

Using the Microsoft platform, it is easy to create services, from simple to advanced, within Azure. It also allows companies to expand easily using the available online applications. Microsoft Azure can easily be Microsoft’s savior, considering how the software maker is failing in its attempt to capture the mobile market.


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