Cloud Computing Demystified

Cloud computing is often a heavy and big term for many. However, cloud computing has been in use for a long time now, without us realising it, or naming it. Cloud computing is when your data is processed in the cloud, instead of computing it locally using your computer hardware. However, to see the final output, a thin client, a computer which has just the sufficient hardware to display the final output, is needed.

SaaS or Software as a Service is probably the best example to demonstrate that the cloud computing was here for more than we realise, although under a thin veil. How long have you been using Gmail? Or Hotmail or Yahoo mail, for that matter. What happens in these email systems? The email is not received locally, they are received on the server of the mail provider. These mail providers then allow you to see the data, in this case, an email, using a local computer.

To add to that, your log in id and password are all stored in the server as well. So, the whole software is in the server, it functions and processes everything in the server but when you want to see the final output, the mail, you can see it using a local PC. That is Software as a Service for you.

Cloud computing is also here, without we realising. Whenever you are using Microsoft Office365, the online version of the popular Office suite, or Google Sheet, which allows you to do data processing on the internet, you are using cloud computing. All these data are stored and processed on the internet and nothing is stored or done locally except for displaying the result.


AWS Brings Down the Start Up Cost Considerably

Amazon web services can be beneficial for anyone who is starting his new online business, selling a product or especially, a service. As a cloud computing facilitator, we have extensively used their services and we can strongly recommend the AWS cloud computing to everyone. For the newcomer, AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. Amazon web services was started in 2002, exploiting the existing infrastructure they had as the largest e-tailer on the internet. AWS provides a few many services but now people know them as cloud provider.

More than 20 web services are offered by AWS but the most popular services are Simple Storage Service (S3) and Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2).

S3 is perhaps the easiest of all services under AWS which the webmasters can take advantage of. S3 is basically an online storage system and it offers infinite scaling as well as amazing data redundancy. Amazon S3 assures the users with up to 99.999999999% retention and 99.99% up-time on every data you upload on S3.

For large online services and websites, especially where massive amount of data is stored and transferred, the cost effectiveness of Amazon S3 is very high. In the cases where other services fail to deliver, this is the ideal big data solution for the website owners.

If any company is planning to come up with a heavy data dependent online service such as streaming video or file storing and sharing network, Amazon S3 offers benefits and performance without the initial set up cost.

Microsoft’s Azure Cloud is Ideal for Small Businesses

Microsoft is continuously exploring newer ways of implanting software in the daily operations of a business for quite some time now and they have introduced Azure cloud computing software way back in 2008. In these 8 years, this platform has become the perfect choice for multiple businesses. Azure has gone through a few changes and now offers advanced cloud computing environment for the users.

Azure uses virtualisation to its advantage and handles the key factor of load distribution by distributing loads among all the available data centres in real time. In short, all the data centres work as the server and the backup server for every application. The emphasis is on instant availability of data and software and the highest level of online security. Windows Azure is not an operating system. It is only a platform which broadcasts services from the cloud.

The development services mode is the greatest strength of Azure cloud computing services. The programmers use .net, including Visual Basic .net very efficiently to create services. However, other development tools are programming languages are well supported by Azure, including PHP and Eclipse. Understandably, Microsoft is trying to involve everyone in using cloud technology.

Using the Microsoft platform, it is easy to create services, from simple to advanced, within Azure. It also allows companies to expand easily using the available online applications. Microsoft Azure can easily be Microsoft’s savior, considering how the software maker is failing in its attempt to capture the mobile market.

Microsoft Cloud Computing Making Mobile Office A Reality

Microsoft is a giant in the software industry and they are using whole of their strength and might to gain a foothold in the cloud computing market, which they have entered recently. They have released Office 365, the online version of the popular Microsoft Office suit, a few years back and they are showing a healthy performance report while taking on the likes of Google, which is a formidable opponent if nothing more. Windows Azure is another popular cloud service from Microsoft and this name is chosen to instill clarity, cleanliness and vastness of the blue sky which are the qualities that Microsoft claims to be found on their cloud computing suite.

Azure and Microsoft cloud computing platform targeting the start-ups and the small businesses so they don’t need to invest heavily on the installation of costly IT equipment on their premises. As the cost of installing, maintaining and inevitable upgrading of those equipment are eliminated, the small businesses have no problem in accepting this new technology. Licensing fees are another thing which the businesses want to avoid, especially during their early days. As the cloud computing platform is delivered using the “pay as you go” model, there is no need to pay for huge licensing fees upfront. Finally, Microsoft also allows you to store data on the cloud and run applications from the remote server as well. It means, whenever you have internet connection, even if you are not at work, you can access your complete set of programs and files.

Understanding Telephony Services

Communication is key to the success of any prospective deal. The accomplishment and the depth of existence of business continues with the vigor of communication. Thus communicating with professionals be it partners, vendors, suppliers, retailers is highly important in order to increasing the credibility and positioning of the business. The telephony services here, therefore plays a major role towards leading the efficiency, depth, experiencing and achieving the high curve in the market. The telephony service as commonly understood is a software interface to a physical telephony device (such as a modem) which is accessible programmatically to perform actions such as dialing a phone number or logging a call. Little negligence towards the services might cause untoward havoc with little or no come back to the highly competitive market causing it disastrous.

Therefore utilizing the existing services with advancement will keep the situation under control with better results and VoIP services from the leading brands are one of the most affordable, convenient and cost effective which helps in maintaining the healthy business atmosphere. These services maintain an aura of reliability, integrity and trustworthy ensuring secure and well connectivity phone access to firms in the day in and day out communication in a unified and extensive manner. We have to consider the fact that earlier the proprietary phone systems were quite expensive and was not under everybody’s accessibility which would surely be agreed upon by every reader who have come across will agree to it.

Therefore today with advancement in every filed and the arrival of Voice over Internet Protocol services the lives of an aspirant have become quite easy and convenient. This has brought a bigger change in the telephony services that are that are specially aimed at managing businesses and corporate functions. The service providers of VoIP services use a technology to make use of your broadband internet connections for making important business communications.

The Uses and Benefits of Recruitment Software

Today, in spite of numerous reputed educational institutes that has been popping up, yet the ratio of availability of jobs along with the pass outs is very enormous. With one job opening in any organization, the interested applicants are uncontrollable. Therefore to do the sorting of the candidates is never an easy task. With the need of the hour every renowned organization are struggling with multiple recruiting challenges. Thus to meet the recruitment problems, recruitment software are specifically designed to solve the problems. This software’s offers agility and deep insights, rich features and high degree of insight.. Further this has grown one of the highly recommended recruitment platforms used by any reputed firms and corporate worldwide. The recruitment software not only provides an end-to-end solution but it also integrates and automates the entire recruitment processes.

These software have abundance of advantage over the conventional processes. It helps in the growth of an organization by streamlining the processes and reducing operational costs with increase in recruiters’ efficiency. It is highly flexibility which can fit in any organizational requirement, irrespective of large or small staffing firms and cater to the specific needs of the company. The in-built feature also allows to choose the right staffing module based on the need that best suit the requirement.

At one click sitting in any place of the world, the software works on behalf of you to ease and smooth the whole processes which else makes it messy and time taking. Besides, it also needs a specific skill set which otherwise is not available every time with the institution.

Finding a good online recruitment software is not a rocket science and neither a matter to be lightly taken based on the guess work. Rather it should be widely checked and cross checked so that after adequate adjustment, the best of the person comes out.

The recruitment software review site make use of the feedback received from its user community, social media online sources, and customer reviews to develop rankings of various business software – including recruiting applications.

The Spring 2015 report is based on more than 350 reviews submitted by HR and other recruiting professionals. For a visual ranking, The Grid, needs to be checked upon which is created by factoring the customer satisfaction reported by users and vendor market presence determined from social and public data to rank the products.

An Insight: Knowing More About Microsoft Cloud

Prominent technology professionals emphasize on the fact that a complete different phase in the world of computing has commenced. Almost every claimed and renown alliances and business corporations are moving towards cloud computing. They are constantly seen moving towards wider platforms hosted by cloud and the sole reason behind would definitely be for higher security and safety of their confidential data and information in general.

Among the well known IT giants is the Microsoft and apparently it has its own platform hosted by cloud computing system. Microsoft cloud aims at fulfilling variant basic necessities related to business. The Microsoft cloud has its own specialties which deals in improving the privacy and security of a particular business. Moreover, Microsoft cloud provides centralized management on the local networks as well as servers too. Resulting in a more systemized and approachable business dealings completely secured from any kind of threats. What makes it more accessible is that it can be easily dealt via internet. Microsoft’s cloud hypothesis incorporates the aptness to manoeuvre the Azure cloud system, however, at the same time makes a provision to utilize the same technology for an alliance to carry out their private cloud. Besides, the most fascinating of all is the process of doing both, the result of which is an amalgamation or formation of a hybrid cloud.

One basic advantaged of Microsoft cloud is that it helps in reducing the IT budgets in huge manner as the payment otmr the final cost is lessened, confining to just storage space and computer processing. The Microsoft cloud solution provides standard windows environment and promises a tackle free, easy going management of several utilities and data. Besides the platform also bestows a provision of freedom for the users or the developers to customize designs, publish and finally share and secure their data in a hassle-free manner. This is also because Microsoft aims at providing one to form applications in that programming language which the windows app also uses. As the decisions, upgrades, updates, and security dealings related to hardware are undertaken off-premises, apparently, it is quite clear that utilizing the benefits of cloud computing helps in decreasing the entire cost of developing the IT infrastructure.

As a matter of fact, Microsoft has always focused on the satisfaction provided by them to the customers, which also include the availability of essentials like the SDK kit with Azure, in order to make the customer happy and their experiences more systemized and standardized. In a way, the development of Microsoft Cloud is near to an evolution in today’s field.